Enjoy a family weekend in Annecy at the Villas des Trésoms Lake & Spa Resort

An ideal setting for the whole family

The Villas des Trésoms Lake & Spa Resort offers the perfect setting for a family weekend in Annecy. With its privileged location on the shores of Lake Annecy and facilities suitable for all ages, this establishment promises unforgettable moments for young and old alike. Whether you visit during the hot summer months or the peaceful winter season, the villas offer comfort, luxury and entertainment.

Annecy with the family: summer fun

Summer in Annecy is a magical time to explore the region with your family. Enjoy water activities on the lake, bike rides around it, or simply relax on the beaches. Les Villas des Trésoms puts you at the heart of the action, with easy access to bike rentals in Annecy and organized excursions for the whole family.

Winter fun for all the family

Experiencing Annecy as a family in winter is just as charming, with snow-covered landscapes and activities like ice skating and Christmas markets. The Villas des Trésoms offer a cozy cocoon in which to warm up after a day of winter adventures, with spacious suites and apartments ideal for families.

A comfortable stay for families

Each villa is designed to be a true home away from home. With family room hotel options in Annecy, Les Trésoms guarantees a hassle-free stay where parents and children can relax in peace. Modern, secure facilities ensure that everyone can make the most of their stay.

Family activities not to be missed

Les Villas des Trésoms isn't just a place to stay; it's a base for exploring your family holiday in Annecy. From visiting the medieval castle to discovering the natural parks, every day is an adventure. What's more, the on-site and nearby dining options will satisfy the tastes of everyone, from the youngest to the oldest.

Book your villa for an unforgettable stay

We invite you to discover Les Villas des Trésoms Lake & Spa Resort for your next family weekend in Annecy. Visit our reservation page to secure your villa or contact us via our contact page for more information on our services and availability.

In conclusion, choosing Les Villas des Trésoms Lake & Spa Resort as your destination for your next family getaway guarantees quality time in spectacular surroundings. Come and create lasting memories in an environment that celebrates both luxury and nature.


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